Sleep and Pulmonary Patients

Dr. Rajnish Dhawan and Nurse Practitioner, Ashley Foreman are no longer with Neurology and Sleep Associates. You may choose to schedule a new pulmonary appointment with Dr. Dhawan, or we are happy to refer you to another Provider specializing in pulmonary medicine. You will need to sign a Medical Records Release to transfer your pulmonary records to another Provider.

Your medical records for Neurology and Sleep will remain with Neurology and Sleep Associates and no further action is required. You will keep your scheduled appointments with our office. Thank you for choosing Neurology and Sleep Associates.

About our Professionals

We understand how caring for a family member and worrying about their health and safety affects the dynamics of a daily living. We provide the bridge that you and your family need for balance.

Neurology and Sleep Associates offers superior care. We provide a treatment plan that is suited to specific individual needs, helping maintain a better lifestyle.

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Words from Patients

  • I have been treated well by all staff and doctors at this practice. My sleep issues have been helped greatly. My chemo induced neuropathy has been treated well and I have less pain than before. It is now manageable. It was so bad before treatment that I considered going out on disability. I now feel that I can work until I am eligible for full retirement.

    Sharon Dubois

  • caring for my mother-in-law who suffers with dementia was
    becoming really difficult. The care Dr. Nanavaty and his staff provides really helps us
    maintain our lives too.

    Tracy Caring